The Winnning Will

SOUL SNACK 40 ... The Winning Will

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your good Spirit Lead me to level ground." Ps 143 :10

Violently dust flew into the air. An abusive cacophony permeated a silent forest. This is a safe place to fight, they thought, no fear of intrusion or intervention. Violence was the conduit of their destructive wills. No good would come from this for these rigorously self assertive men.

It is exceptionally unnatural to decide to do another's will. Conversely it is simple to attempt to force your will on another. (I can even do this unconsciously).

Healthy external instruction is the path to losing self will. My will is not a winning will. When my will is my god, I will injure myself and others.

God has a good pleasing and perfect will (Rms 12:2), instructed thru a good spirit. His will does not harm in a forest. His will does no violence to me. Nor will He assert any demanding intentions on me. His will is not in a remote place, for His goodness is for all to see (see Ps 19).

His good will is taught by His good Spirit, and received from the same good Spirit.

This is a path where I will not stumble, nor injury be received. To walk in His will I can choose. I can invite Him to instruct me. It is my decision alone to pursue His winning will. However first I must believe His will for me is far superior to my will for me.

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