Shattering the Hourglass

SOUL SNACK 6/14 ... Shattering the Hourglass

A recalcitrant prophet railed against God around 680BC. The God of heaven fielded Habakkuk's complaints loudly mailed from earth. A patient God explained; My acts and My purposes are entirely deliberate.

"For the revelation waits an appointed time… though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and not delay." (Hab 2:3)

The God of heaven is no ‘last minute merchant'. God plans and seizes time in brackets. These brackets He calls seasons. To us it spells a finiteness that is direct from the Eternal.

God both opens and closes seasons. He acts in ‘appointed times'. God's pre-determinations are guaranteed, and they can't be hastened or delayed by man.

God has also revealed to man a place absent of seasons, without any appointed time. Here the hourglass is shattered and no clocks are hung.

Heaven is the opposite of earth. It is a place where I will NEVER be out of fashion, for there are no seasons. (My daughter will forever be grateful).

No season is ever new. But, it is always accountable. Each season is to be lived correctly. Then the ensuing one is arrived at well, and unhindered.

The ultimate season I must get correct is life on earth.

Martin Luther only had two days on his calendar - "this day and THAT day!"

The sober soul will measure life in seasons but peer past them to ‘that appointed day', knowing full well that day arrives for each soul when the hourglass is shattered.

Live today as if you may meet Jesus tomorrow.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can't the number of apples in a seed." ~ anon

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