Feet, Pain or Pleasure?

SOUL SNACK 44 ... Feet, Pain or Pleasure?

.... and with your feet shod with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peaceā€¦" Eph 6:15

These boots are made for walking, And that's just what they'll do, One of these days these boots Are gonna walk all over you'. Assertive boots about to deliver pain! These are feet on no peace mission. A young Nancy Sinatra (1966) sings of impending trouble from her feet to an anonymous victim.
Feet may be variously offensive, painful, unpresentable or even a lethal weapon. Yet, they are an almost indispensable part of our God given transport system. If my feet are not ready for the day (shoes and socks on) neither am I. Shod feet are feet ready to transport me. They can be ready to deliver either burden or blessing to another.

In God's martial economy, His war plan is for feet to deliver peace (blessing). This is exceptionally curious! God's war is fought by peace bringing feet. God's war is not fought by feet ready to walk all over others. God's war is in fact fought by un-assertive and submissive feet. The feet God honours are those who deliver pleasure to others and not pain. Yes, his war is fought by feet that deliver peace.

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