A River and Reservoir of Grace

SOUL SNACK 45 … A River and Reservoir of Grace

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eyes ." Matt 7:3

A carefully discerned perception of others failings can be actively very strong in our daily lives. There is their persistent inability to hold their tongues. Glaringly clear is their repeated deadline failure or even worse their inability at correct decisions. A critical spirit is so easy to have but so hard to observe in me!

Is the most difficult task in my life, actually being able to discern my own sin? Surely if it is so easy to see the sin of another, it must be even easier to see mine?

I think heaven smiles on such naivety, yet warns us as well.

In the life stakes, Jesus is far more dedicated to my well being than I am. His understanding of me is infinitely superior to my understanding of me.

The person I least understand is myself. The direction of my attention must be on my sin removal and not my brothers. How can I help my brother if I can't help myself? Only then can I be an unblocked conduit to receive the outpouring of His goodness. For this, Jesus desires me to be both a river and reservoir of His grace.

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