The Believers by-pass?

SOUL SNACK 53 ... The Believer's By-Pass?

“Remember the words I spoke to you.' No servant is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching they will obey yours also." Jn 15:20

With suffering ever so close now, this saviour coaches His chosen followers. Very soon he would collapse excruciatingly on Golgotha. Even sooner there would be the soul struggle in Gethsemane. All this He knew!

Knowing this, history's greatest teacher advises! This axiom of life cannot be neglected, ‘no servant is greater than his master.' What is due for the master is likewise due for the servant. A servant can never be insulated from his master's walk, if he would follow the master. Both persecution and acceptance awaits! Acceptance is pleasing but, persecution is poison. The servant can never cry ‘why me'? A shared life with the master is simply inescapable. (see also Romans 8:16-17)

Very soon however, Jesus would ride that miraculous cloud to Glory, so too for His followers. There is no by-pass to being part of Jesus unless we allow him to pass us by, for no servant is greater than his master. COPYRIGHT 06

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