God's Security Guard - A

SOUL SNACK 64 ... God's Security Guard - A

“Therefore, I urge you brothers… to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God…"Rms 12:1

Eve gullibly reaches for the fruit. Adam naively reaches for Eve. Together they share in these first tangible delights of self-indulgence.

Indulgence has maintained a remarkably successful track record. Not a heart has escaped its pleasures. Not a family has avoided its dis-satisfactions. Not a generation has passed without succumbing to its teasing temptations.

Howling from the halls of heaven is God's release to indulgence. His Passion for me pleads, “sacrifice"!

Sacrifice is safe for me. It sears the selfish.

Sacrifice is God's security guard for my soul. Delivered daily it protects me from the self indulgence that would bring harm. Indulgence only distances me from His presence. Sacrifice draws me into His presence. Sacrifice is God's ordained self release strategy. It is Christ inspired to refresh my soul and spirit both now and forever.

Sacrifice is God's sentinel for my soul. Copyright 06

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