Close Encounters

SOUL SNACK 7 ... Close Encounters

‘When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred, and asked, who is this?' (Mt 21:10)

At 14 I distinctly remember seeing the Queen of England. Many lined the West Wollongong freeway overpass for this regal glimpse. Silently the ageing black Rolls-Royce glided by. The moment was most fleeting. Still it was not to be missed. It is my only close encounter of the royal kind.

How sad I would have been if I had missed this greatness!

It was Palm Sunday. God has made no announcement or fanfare for this king. Greatness has entered Jerusalem. This Jerusalem was stirred by a king on a donkey (not on a thoroughbred). Those who are now stirred by Jesus will soon crucify Him. Only one week now and Jesus will die. These subjects will truly miss greatness, they are ignorant of their king.

Ignorance is the seed of destruction, for both Jesus 2000 years ago, and also for myself today.

When I ignore Him, especially if He has previously stirred me, I crucify Him. To ignore Him in my time, thoughts and talents, is to crucify Him. How could I ignore the king who too has paraded in front of me? How could I sow my own seeds of destruction?

Father, please forgive my ill- considerations of your Son. Inform me please of my neglect. I do not want to crucify Him daily, but rather honour Him each day as my king. I want Jesus on my throne, as my king forever. AMEN