Being Love

Soul Snack 8/28 ... Being Love.

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear ... 1 John 4:18a

Where there is love, harmony prevails. Love and harmony are bed partners. Peace is their child.

The rule of love in times of peace can be pierced by fear. Where there is fear, peace is assailed.

Perfect love casts out fear, that is why love covers a multitude of sins. There is no fear in a relationship fully and only seeded in love.

Fear is the ubiquitous pollutant of relationships. Through fear, good relationships are robbed, lost and hindered. Fearing another's response, we remain silent (or become aggressive).

Silence is the home of doubt in relationships. In silence then, the shadow of fear is universally cast across relationships. The darkness and bleakness of the shadow can grow as love wanes and light is dimmed.

Conversely as love spreads, silence is removed and the gloom of fear is dispelled. The light of love is released to spread and do its good work.

He who is love, who has made us in His image, not only wants us  to receive His love, but asks us to be His love. In silence fear can grow, in speaking up and speaking well we are being love.