Heaven's "Hold"

Soul Snack 8/7 ... Heaven's Hold

When I said, "My foot is slipping," your love, O LORD, supported me... Ps 94:18

Blurred images and rolling horizontal lines would often characterise black and white TV.
Distorted and battered pictures would bring afresh, frustration to all keen TV viewers.
These consistent lines, a viewer's anathema, are usually rectified with ease.

Resident (often at the rear) on such antiquated entertainment boxes are two very small knobs, to be deftly twirled. Vertical and horizontal hold adjustments would readily correct the malfunctioning screen. "Precision twirling" quickly became an accurate skill to deliver TV tube rectification.

God's love is our horizontal and vertical hold on life. Held diligently and viewed with delight my life perspectives will stay correct, regardless of circumstance.

Literally, His love keeps me vertical facing another day. His love too prevents incorrect lateral movement.( i.e moving off the path of righteousness). It constrains, restrains and empowers me, that I may stay upright.

His love gives all and asks nothing in return. It gives to me what I have refused to give to Him.

Both hidden and unseen His love is always at work. Yet, the results of its work are entirely visible.

Daily I adjust the horizontal and vertical hold on my life by devoting myself in stillness to Him. I love Him so I will stop with Him. There is only blurred vision at best without His 'hold' on my life.

God's love is His perfect advocacy for my body, mind, and spirit. It is my daily vertical and horizontal hold, that I may see life correct. God's love is heaven's 'hold' on me.