Solitary Travel

Soul Snack 197/12 ... Solitary Travel

'After this (the wedding in Cana) He went down to Capernaum with His mother and brothers and His disciples' (John 2:12)

The unspoilt spectacle of remote and rolling ranges, the new panorama of a delightful vista or an unmapped road less travelled are the things of journeys to be shared.

There is the delicious pleasure of discovery, that secluded untouched forest retreat, or the dazzling sunset lit horizon that simply commands to the traveller share me.

There is a dissatisfying impotence in solitary travel.

Around forty kilometers (basically downhill) by foot is a healthy journey. This trip from Cana to Capernaum Jesus deliberately shares.

Jesus loves the solitary place, but He does not choose the solitary journey. In travelling with Him, He knows He can influence His disciples. This influence He would die for.

This opportunity for Jesus to share Himself  is uninterrupted.

His influence still invites those who travel with Him to see and receive the new. To walk with Jesus is to enter places they have never been. Jesus wants to travel and share with each of His fellow travellers. He wants them without interruptions.

Jesus enjoys walking with His disciples, and He is very sad if their life is a solitary journey, absent of His presence.

With Jesus there never needs to be a solitary journey or a solitary life. He wants to help His own to make sense of life by hearing from Him. Jesus is no verbal anorexic. Travelling with Jesus each disciple can enjoy the richness of His words. This life travelling companion has His story to tell each follower. His counsel is full and His company is desirable.

With Jesus the dissatisfying impotence of travelling a solitary life means the ignition keys can be turned and the horizon pointed to again.

Today’s Soul Snippet:
The presence of comfort is God’s rescue of the human spirit. – (Lamentations 1:16)