Seeing the invisible

Soul Snack 89 ... Seeing the Invisible

'I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes Him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.' Jn 5:24

A forlorn and long silhouhette mirrored the outline of a motionless figure. The afternoon sun was low. The day held as much reserve as the figure.

Reflectively their soul reeled:

'I know that Jesus is eternally committed to my well-being, but the evidence again feels so thin.'

In the journey that is life, countless contrary evidence is received. The ill judgement of others is such evidence. Their poor and critical perceptions so readily fire the arrows of accusations that stop in a now deeply pierced soul. It is from the overflow of the heart that a man speaks. Some prefer to proffer words of burden above words of blessing.

Such a person is unable to perceive goodness in another. Nor can they then receive goodness from the other. This is true poverty of the soul and spirit. It is receiving good as bad. A blessing missed is a burden gained.

To all those who would claim Jesus as Lord, His model is to remove/release from condemnation. How incongrously sad (sinful?) that the acid of accusation is still poured into another's life (James 3:9-12). There is little spiritual health to such rhetoric.

The invisible goodness of Jesus is in condemnation clearing. I am truly rich when this I can a see. I am truly blessed when I overflow in His goodness with thanks. Others are truly blessed when I overflow well into their troubled lives. I am truly saved when this is all I want to say.

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