Detriment to Delight

Soul Snack 96 ... Detriment to Delight

"Before I was born the Lord called me, and from my birth He has made mention of my name." Isaiah 49:1b

Suburban myths abound. Unassailable 'motherhood' statements are myriad. Reflect for a moment...'children should be seen and not heard'. This lie has raised so many children, broken so many families. God does not desire to deliver detriment to His children but delight.

Consider please:

  • I was on God's mind before I was on my mind

  • He has never forgotten me nor ever will.

  • He has consistently called to me even if I am not listening

  • He has continuously desired my attention by calling to me

  • I have always been sufficiently important to God, for God to both speak of me and to me

  • He has not hidden me away nor is He ashamed of me.

  • My existence and presence He wants to declare; He wants to make me known

  • My life He acknowledges and wants to honour

  • God has not been able to resist talking about me

  • I am exactly the person that God wanted.

  • All God's children are to be seen and heard.

God does not bring detriment to His children but delight. God's core is to care!

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