Easy pain avoidance

Soul Snack 83/10 ... Easy pain avoidance

Countless decisions criss-cross my mind all day.

Canvassing my senses, searching my spirit and inquiring of my mind, I will then make a decision. This process is very rapid and I am not always aware of it. It is highly likely though, that the end result of this nearly unconscious process will deliver a result that just suits me best.

Yet with the precision of a Swiss watch I soon learn afresh that my indulgence was not wise.

I trust myself to make correct judgements and so often fail.

This I now know, but still do not remember so well.

Jesus is far more worthy of my trust than I am.

His guidance for me will always be far more helpful than my guidance for me.

Who is more likely to hurt me - me or Jesus?

Who is more likely to help me - me or Jesus?


" ... the one who trusts will never be dismayed." (Is 28:16d)

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