Cracking Windows

Soul Snack 142/12 ... Cracking Windows#

Time-honored, people-controlling Jewish ritual was about to be lost. The faithful were assembled in a humble home as ancient Jewish prophecy was about to be fulfilled (see Joel 2:22). Jesus had ascended but His Spirit was now descending.

The patriarchs' faith of antiquity would morph to become the new faith of their sons. The sound of a violent blowing wind was the catalyst for this change.

A motley crew, an ancient Mediterranean melting pot had now gathered because of these noisy and startling events.

Parthians, Medes, Elamites, Mesopotamians, Judeans, Cappadocians were but some of the sixteen nationalities present in this crowd at Jerusalem. The mighty movement of the Holy Spirit had begun.

Tongues of fire had set the tongues of men aflame to speak in other languages, each declaring the wonders of God.

Does all this baffle your belief system and crack the window in your worldview about miracles?

Well, this really happened, it is recorded in scripture.

When the supernatural has come it is reasonable to expect supernatural results, in fact - it is absurd not to!

The outpouring of the supernatural upon the natural means the natural can now truly experience the supernatural.

When the supernatural Holy Spirit of Jesus is sent today still expect to see, feel and hear the supernatural results.  Why? ... because God has not changed.

I the LORD do not change ... (Malachi 3:6)

Christians still speak in tongues and humble believers can still have their windows cracked today.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Grace is giving life to the dead.

#read the events of this SoulSnack in Acts 2:1-12