New Wine ~ A

Soul Snack 217/13 ... NEW WINE ~ A

Jesus is now popping the corks of new wine.

Jesus is conducting a fresh religious foray, taking a whip to stale religion again and anticipating His return.

God is plugging leaking holes in His Kingdom dykes and dismantling bastions of human spiritual achievement. Today Christ's bride is again undergoing reformation, reconstruction and renewal. Jesus is pouring out new wine.

Christianity has been safely machined into a sophisticated series of theological propositions, almost devoid of faith but too rich in proud knowledge. Faith has become exchanged for knowledge, and knowledge is now called faith.

God is still most active in His world and within His church. In fact the increase of evil spiritual activity is simply a mirror to the increase of His Holy Spirit's activity.

An open heart, open hands and open mind are the wide door of new Holy Spirit blessings, the refreshing foundations for personal and kingdom growth.

Fresh wine is now bubbling over. Will you taste its delights or echo Jesus' reflection for both the ancient and modern Pharisee, that old wine is still better?

 "And no one after drinking old wine wants the new, for they say, ‘The old is better'." (Lk 5:39)

Rekindle in me Father my first love that I will not be robbed by all the other religious loves I have since learned. AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

"It is a great mercy to know God's mind before you witness God's deeds." (quote from 'GREAT MERCY' arriving soon.)

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