The other side of Prayer

Soul Snack 190/13 ... The other side of Prayer

Imagine the nurture of a soft light for a relaxing dinner date and the inclined ear across the table as the diners only have ears for the other.

Listening is an evidence of relationship. Honor is given to the speaker when an ear is turned their way.

God invites listening.

'Give an ear and come to me; hear me that your soul may live...' (Is 55:3a)

To accept an invitation is to honor the inviter.

To listen to God is to honor Him.

Curiously this invitation to hear is to benefit your soul's health. The soul is the focus of God's input. The body receives His words, for it is the microphone to the soul. God is so aware that the soul is to be drenched in His life giving words.

To hear from God enlivens the soul, then the body is well equipped.

God's words are:

  • rich for they are neither shallow nor hollow,
  • not easily snatched away and always fulfil their intended task,
  • they are the place of refuge, a spring to drink deeply from, an elixir of well being, the carrier of light and a scalpel to the spirit.

Life eternal (the soul) is predicated upon a carnal vessel being willing to hear from the Divine. God honors you when He speaks to you - you honor Him when you listen.

The other side of prayer is being silent long enough to permit the Lord to speak to you.

Prayer is not monologue, but dialogue. ~ Andrew Murray

Father, I believe that you alone have the words of life. I accept your invitation to speak with me. Please speak to me daily. I want to hear your good words of life. I humble and empty myself now, that the clamor of this world will not compete with you anymore. May I hear from you alone. AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Prayer is the glue that binds earth to heaven and a disciple to Jesus."

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