The Secrets of Salvation

Soul Snack 170/13 ... The Secrets of Salvation

Creeping through the safety of darkness an inquiring Nicodemus sought Jesus for the secrets of salvation.

Despite His highly learned visitor Jesus was not daunted (was He ever?). Jesus taught this teacher that rising to heaven is of no human achievement. (See John 3 for the complete conversation.)

No one may so live that salvation is owed to them.

This chat with the Pharisee - Nicodemus, made it patently obvious that life's great struggle is to receive spiritual knowledge correctly. (There are countless false leads and errors that claim truth.)

Jesus wants to bring true change to all lives. He lifts Nicodemus' educated thinking above the carnal to the spiritual.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to Spirit. (Jn 3:6)

In fact the physical is unable to receive the spiritual without spiritual intervention. Spiritual intervention is to be prepared for.

Nearly a millennia prior to Nicodemus' nocturnal lesson, the Psalmist knew well the secret of preparing to receive the spiritual correctly:

' ... I have stilled and quieted my soul' (Ps 131:2a)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Jesus said blessed are you if you love to be unknown and regarded as nothing." ~ Brennan Manning

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