Rapture Capture!

Soul Snack S5/10 ... Rapture Capture


First, He captures my body.

Second, He captures my mind. (He then has my attention!)

Then He captures my heart.

And - now finally my future is captured too.

While Jeremiah was still confined in the courtyard of the guard, the word of the LORD came to him a second time ... Jer 33:1

Confined in the guard's courtyard, Jeremiah was again able and willing to listen to the Lord.

His nation was now in tatters and surely he now was in tears. Jeremiah was the doyen of misery, the ancient champion of receiving ill-will from others.. (Not everyone could have written 'Lamentations'!)

In his captivity God again had his attention. By receiving bad (confinement), he is now positioned well to receive good. (Suffering does that for people!)

God spoke inviting and affirming words of hope and promise into he who had felt so much heartache. God spoke hope into his heart and fresh breath into his future.

The panacea for heartache is hope! Hope hinders heartache!

Understand that times of confinement are entree for a rapturous main meal.

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