The Foyer A

Soul Snack 9/33 ... The Foyer - A

Foyers are designed to raise euphoric emotions in all those who enter. High ceilings delight, delivering a sense of spaciousness. Leather armchairs and high sheen marble floors enliven the feelings of quality and personal worth.  Such a foyer beckons entry, teasing how pleasant the rooms must be that it introduces.

Foyers are always pleasant as they are the place of first impressions, for there are no second chances. Foyers are to impress instantly. They take all who enter from an old place to a new place, a worse place to a better place.

Expansively lying before this troubled soul was the foyer to her future. She now knew change would always precede cure.

This was to be no brave unseen step into an insecure future, a dark foyer. This threshhold now the result of divine careful planning, deliberate decision and very patient waiting. This foyer was a place of comfort and was very impressive. Previously the destiny now opening was unavailable, denied by the very throne of grace she so dearly loved.

Her soberly walked path had brought impregnable and accurate guidance. Understanding she now had.

There is a foyer to a desired good future that God places at the end of a road of great difficulty. This foyer is the destiny for the path of distress. It leads only to His good will. It is spacious, well appointed and screams 'very good rooms' are ready now.

Such a pleasing foyer is entered with faithfulness through moving to other side of pain - not fleeing it but feeling it.

As surely as dawn follows the dark, so will His easy foyer follow my hard times. Foyers introduce me to a new goodness for my life.

Then the man said, "Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome." Gen 32:28

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