Recapturing Eden

Soul Snack 9/17 ... Recapturing Eden

There are three hopes residing in all human hearts - harmony, health and happiness.

Eden saw these three as facts and not hopes. This wonderful trio ruled all lives in Eden. This triumvirate of existence was abundantly available, indeed eternally available to all creation.

However factor in a snake, some disobedience, and great weakness. Then this holy trio of well being is instantly lost.

In eating of the Tree of Knowledge Adam now had himself revealed to him. Previously his eyes were on God, now they are on himself. (That is how he can understand his nakedness and feel shame - Gen 3:7)) Adam and Eve had become alive to sin. They now knew sin and how to sin.

In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:11

Dying to sin is life giving. Living to sin is life losing.

To gain Christ's death is to gain Christ's life. It is always good to die to self. Adam was dead to self before he sinned. In sin I become dead to God.

We want the pleasures of Eden without ignoring the pleasures of this world. We want the pleasures of earth and ignore the true pleasures of Eden.

When learning to die to self, then am I able to regain the holy trio.

Dying to sin is simply recapturing Eden.

I want to recapture Eden.

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