Reclining into her most comfortable chair, her frail frame met sleep immediately. The reward of rest, quickly and importantly received. Her elderly years were so visible, and the giving of her-self so exhausting. Totally expended again, she still held no thoughts of withdrawing, no cries for release from this servant.

There was no one aware of her expensive selflessness. No efforts witnessed by another. No thanks were ever proffered. Yet, still she bore no malice or bitterness. No resentment would ever interrupt her peace.

Daily she gave of herself, just that much more. The demands upon her were sickeningly relentless. There was no superior to acclaim or promote. No workmates to secure honour from. Only the satisfied rest of a diligent servant rewarded her daily.

Gradually the energy would return afresh, ready for tomorrow's exhausting endeavours. This now single servant was un-shakeably faithful, for she loved another who was even more faithful. No matter how much of herself she had given to others, she could never ‘out-give' this faithful one. Daily her lover would replenish her.

Jesus honours her. She serves with a finite strength, supplied by Him who has infinite strength. In the serenity of her recline today, she would trust for tomorrow, because she lives:

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Phil 4:13

Each day as she awoke, before her feet hit the floor, silently and faithfully she would boldly claim ... “Lord, to day is another Phil. 4:13 day. Amen."


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