Beach Bliss?

Soul Snack 78 ... Beach Bliss?

As the full moon glided above the horizon, the beach emptied. Only litter from a day of delight remained. Curiously not even fisherman with their long beach rods and unassailable hopes appeared. She was so happy for the safe isolation.

Lapping her feet with gentle refreshment was the waxing evening tide. Caressing her toes was the pleasant salve of moist cool sand.

This evening's walk brought deep tearful reflections on the day she too had just walked. The glowing moon beams lit her tear constrained eyes. Her night shadow obscuring deep and deliberate footprints that would soon wash away.

Momentarily consumed in this cool present refreshment, she enjoyed a blessed relief after a hot day of distress.

As she walked she prayed fervently. She already knew the favour of heaven, from countless previous encounters. The distaste of Earth would always hurt, but it would never prevail! Alone again on the beach, yet not alone this evening. So often this walk had brought restoration to her soul. Her Counsellor was speaking to her. Her Father's arms enveloped her. Peace would return, for she so purposefully dwelt with Him.

Blessed are those who dwell with you....blessed are those whose strength is in you...they go from strength to strength...' (Ps 84:4a,5a,7a)

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