The Human Fabric

Soul Snack 8/196 ... The Human Fabric

In 1968 Tiny Tim 'Tip Toed through the Tulips' in falsetto. His voice was as high as his hands were clean. An insatiable desire for handwashing was a morbid ritual he would repeat countless times a day.

Cleansing is part of each human's very fabric. No one healthy is content to remain dirty.

Both the spiritually astute and the restlessly troubled know there is a necessary cleansing for both the spirit and the soul too. Surely tireless physical cleansing really is an unwitting and impotent attempt to deal with pollution of souls and spirits.

The pharisees, culpably self-ignorant and ill-informed, attempted to clean the inner man by cleansing the outer man (see Matt 15:1-20).

I can, with addictive diligence wash a bucket externally (it may even look great) while entirely neglecting the soiled inside.

It is impossible for me to clean my inside. I just can't reach into my spirit witha cake of soap - but God's Spirit can! His spirit of judgement and fire is MY cleansing agent.

... He will cleanse the bloodstains from Jerusalem by a spirit of judgment and a spirit of fire. Isaiah 4:4b

He knows my best stain remover is The Spirit of Christ.

This Spirit of cleansing holds exactly the correct solvent for my human fabric. He knows when to use it and how hard to scrub on my fabric.

His cleansing is done in me, in His good order for my good life.