Silent Justice

Soul Snack 8/221 ... Silent Justice

Certainly sitting on the soul of each earthly inhabitant is the unobserved, quietly hurting (maybe even burning) desire for justice to be delivered.

All thirst for wrongs to be righted, apologies received and correctness to premiere in their lives. This is in all mankind because it is in God, it is just further expression of being in His image. (Gen1:27)

The war torn waif in Nigeria, the rejected caste desperately existing on the streets of Calcutta or the unnoticed vagrant roaming the endless miles of roads that criss-cross the United States all cry from within for a correct measurement of justice to them. Yet can justice be found?

When injustice is received in silence this indicates an unadulterated  trust in The Higher Authority.

Silently received injustice is the confident 'verbal expression' of knowing He knows.

Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?  Gen 18:25

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