Better Forever

Soul Snack 8/191 ... Better Forever.

Ever been reviled for righteousness?

Ever been rebuked for right living?

Ever failed to steer a meeting to the paths of the Lord?

Ever spoke well but received ill?

Ever had a great intention received as a poor intention?

Ever reached out the hand of grace and had it slapped?

Have you ever felt like this? ....

So justice is driven back,
       and righteousness stands at a distance;
       truth has stumbled in the streets,
       honesty cannot enter.  Is 59:14

The above list could continue to an inexhaustable length. None of this is new, nor will it quickly cease.

Sadly Jesus knew all this before us (and much more). Sadly we still know it now.

In fact Jesus warns us of these very circumstances and surprisingly says this is a position of favour.

Blessed are you when men hate you,
      when they exclude you and insult you
      and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. Lk 6:22

With Jesus:

  • rejection delivers reward,
  • exclusion receives entry,
  • insults become invitations and
  • hatred gains heaven.
Understand the signs, receive the rejection and enjoy His favour before the Throne of Grace.

Jesus will remove ALL the burdens of earth and replace them with ALL the blessings of heaven for those who stay undistracted and undeterred on the narrow path. (see Mt 7:13-14)

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