Downhill and Forward

Soul Snack 8/139 ... Downhill and Forward

Perspiration dripped almost seamlessly down his temples, unimpeded by the cool mountain air. Gravity now the only 'push' forward.

Chunky thick tyres scramble  successfully for traction. The light suspension rebounding with apparent boundless energy. These ingredients all brought a 'mile wide' smile to his face.

On this pummeling descent, neither agility nor steering had been lost. Planted securely on serrated pedals, his exhilirating descent was deftly directed through the uncluttered handlebars. (No rear vision mirrors on this bike.). Conspiring rocks, even boulders unsuccessful in hindering his joy.

He knew that this long descent would see him absolutely exhausted, yet also delighted. He prayed that there would be no breaks, to either him or his cycle.

He knew well the challenge of loose gravel, the impedance of sand and the troublesome obscure corners. He knew the mounds to jump and those not to. He was well versed in avoiding the obstacles that could hinder and injure. He knew that he could never safely look back, only 'up' at the end.

Divine wisdom counsels to hold no rear vision mirrors to the path of life. The obstacles that remain ahead are far too dangerous to approach with my face looking behind. Collision so damaging is to be avoided.

Destructive obstacles continue to litter and even pave the path of righteousness to the end. Obstacles that would hurt, hinder and harm.

When  the delightful exhaustion of satisfying service arrives, His instruction is to keep my eyes forward. His speedy training programme is to keep me safe on track to the end.

Fear from the past cripples the present and destroys the future.

Rear vision mirrors are for beaten people.

Forward vision is for those who will arrive steadfastly and safely at the end.

Do not say, "Why were the old days better than these?" For it is not wise to ask such questions. Eccl  7:10


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