The Sentinel.

Soul Snack 8/140 ...The Sentinel

This sun-baked cream sentinel sat, worthy in both position and status. Still a beacon to The Light nearly two centuries after its construction. In such a commanding location this speechless sentinel could not be ignored.

In a tradition reaching across 2 millennia this rustic church had been built to resemble a cross.

In a tradition of visibility it was located to be imposing.

In a tradition of preaching it was built to influence.

It was old but not weary.

It was antiquated but still interesting.

It had sown in the past and will still sow in the future.

This silent sentinel stood clarion to the value of solid construction. It spoke of a resilience that only time could demonstrate.

Old age had not weakened it - 'fired' in exposure to relentless blasts and the storm filled assaults of the Pacific, this timeless sentinel still speaks loudly ...  THE CROSS!

It screams, look at Him who also endured blasts uninvited and weathered storms undeserved. It screams that age is no impediment to witness, and often an advantage.

This aged edifice to the worship from bygone centuries, ignominiously known by author Patrick White as a 'god box' is still aloft, still screams, still witnesses ...

... "I am still here because God is still here."

... "The past is behind, and still speaks to the future."

This past is healthy to be brought into account, for surely it wil!
Whatever is has already been,
       and what will be has been before;
       and God will call the past to account. Eccl 3:15



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