The Beautiful Valley of the Soul

Is not the search for a superior love the compass to life? After all, mankind is first made in the image of He whose fabric is love.

It is the quest for a love that requires no re-visiting, or repair. It is the seeking of a love without pretense, or any demanding efforts.

True love is never earned, it is simply given without charge.

Winding through each life is this natural thirst for love. For it is in love itself that all our thirsts are filled. Safety, companionship, intimacy, forgiveness, protection, refuge, guidance, meaning, security and inner harmony are all held within love's touchable ether.

Mercy, justice, correction, repair and faith are also received from a superior love. Within it is found refreshment for the day, hope for tomorrow and especially - release from yesterday.

A superior love strengthens, soothes, blesses, permits and restrains. It listens, indulges and never screams. It is always gentle, trustworthy and unrelenting. It does not withhold, resent or harbor.

When the soul seeks a salve, or life's wounds cry for soothing the hunt for this love is multiplied.

In the valley of the soul, in its accumulated bundles of emotional entrapments and expressions, the soul reaches for what is above. The soul now sees the humbling vistas of Heaven. For finally, it knows that there are no answers from within. This is the quiet beauty beaming from the valley of the soul.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. (Psalm 42:1)

The call of the soul is the call to Heaven.

The cries of the soul are for the loving graces of Heaven.

The canopy of the soul is the help of Heaven.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'When a sin is fashionable Christian's should be out of fashion'. ~ anon

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