The Hermit's Surprising Lesson

A hermit possesses nothing save solitude and the presence of the Lord. He neither owns his cave nor even his breath.

The hermit has exchanged life's bling for the brightness of seeking the Lord.

He knows the soul's ache that only finds emptiness in the flesh.

The hermit lives his life as a borrowed gift; his time belonging to his Lord.

The hermit lives knowing time can no more be banked for a rainy day, than a rainy day can be prevented.

Hermits are forgotten men. This is a wicked thing. But there remains a far greater terror - to be forgotten by God.

These recluse are hidden, for that is their occupation. They will only bequeath a legacy unseen.

The hermit is as remote from the world as his soul is quiet. His soul beckons isolation and thirsts for simplicity, for there the Lord is present.

Likewise a hermit is as distant from being understood as he is from civilization.

Loneliness is his energy and privation is his home. This carries no cost to him, for all else pales to insignificance in the glowing presence of the Lord.

The hermit travels through life without the movement of his feet; nevertheless his spirit and soul relentlessly progress towards the seat of the Divine.

Hermits have learned this sweet soul lesson:

one's personal value does not depend upon performance or productivity, but simply upon whose presence they reside in.

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. (Luke 5:16)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The earth is no more a Christian's home than heaven can be satan's." ~ Michael Cartwright

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