The Worst Temptation?#

More the treacherous calm I dread, than tempests rolling overhead.

Many horses fall at the bottom of the hill because the driver thinks the danger is past. His need to grip the reins firmly is less pressing. Likewise it is often with us when we are specially tempted to overt sin, we are more in danger through slothful ease.

The worst temptation that ever overtakes us is, in some respects, preferable to our becoming carnally secure and neglecting to watch and pray.

'Why are you sleeping?' Jesus asked them. 'Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation'. (Luke 22:46)

The Last Word:

There is no devil so bad as no devil. (Ralph Erskine)

#Today's SoulSnack was penned by Charles Spurgeon. It was titled 'The Invisible Temptation'. It is lightly edited by SoulSupply.