The Jury

The jury is not out, there is no room for indecision.

We ALL are made by the only God of heaven and earth.

He alone deposits the life-giving breath of all mankind. One day too He shall withdraw it. This is called death.

Between our first breath and our final gasp is the appointed moment to recognise and honor Him; to humble ourselves in repentant submission.

It is at the cross of Jesus, at the open tomb of Jesus and at the Throne of Jesus that people really meet with God. ~ A.W.Tozer

The Lord coaches, cuddles and even cajoles us. He acts to gain our attention. In fact - expect God to interrupt your life, for to Him we belong. I have never belonged to me.

Wisdom accepts that I do not belong to myself anymore than I can give me breath.

Life on earth is merely a journey, earth can never be home. Humans are journeymen. Earth is not the destination, we all travel through.

This truth is not to be tarried with. The jury is decided, are you?

Do not delay until tomorrow what you can decide today; tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Sure there is short term breath but there is no long term life without the Lord.

Father, please do not listen to my resistings of you and please fail to see my sins; hold them not against me until there is nought I desire but you; until the world fades in me past the shadows and the only light in my heart is your burning lamp. AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

 "When integrity is lost so too will be the lives of the innocent." ~ Michael Cartwright

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