The Springtime of Renewal

Daily there continues a Divine invitation to His presence, it is how the Chief Shepherd gathers His lambs to His heart. In closeness with Jesus the disciple discovers that the Lord is never less than generous though they can be persistently ungrateful.

God's enabling power and love cannot be exhausted. As with the sweet manna, it is to be gathered each morning.

Devotion seeds the soil for renewal. The life giving water of the Holy Spirit enters and quenches the thirsts of a disciple's soul. As in Holy Communion, devotion is an apprehending of grace.

Any springtime of renewal is received in stopping with the Lord, thus also subduing the flesh. It is the good Lord who longs to be gracious to each disciple; therefore He will rise up to show them mercy, hope and compassion... Blessed are all who sit with Him!

The Last Word:

Love God's presence above all else and trust Him to add the world to you.