A Less-Used Therapy

As with a labyrinth there exists a blind impossibility to not finding the right way out of life. Those so trapped will move forever in a state of error, and then terror.

Blind errors are the worst, for these are often buried as the failing harvest of pride. The heart rejects what hurts it to accept.

There is a less-used therapy that flattens lies, sustains souls and lifts bodies skywards. It is found in those who willingly roar to Heaven:

I need you Lord more than my breath itself.

The Lord is well pleased with the roar above.

Those who are so humbled would want to regularly repeat this short prayer:

Lord keep me from all harm. Keep watch over my life, my goings out and my coming ins, both now and forever more. Amen

 Today's Soul Snippet:

'The dark riddle of life's meaning is illuminated in Jesus.' ~ Brennan Manning