The Triple Injustice of Marriage Equality#

Guns are firing across marriage. Loaded shells explode into all its time-placed and Divinely written truths. The western world is dying from these wounds.

Shame is honored, morality buried, while eternal good reason is jettisoned upon the measures of fools and scoundrels.

These cast their eyes to the clouds, shaking fists at the Lord and scream to the still silent sky and boast of conquest over Heaven:

we know better than You.

The people walking in darkness can see no the light of day.

Enlisting a legal metaphor Dr. David van Gend writes clearly upon this gloom-laden state:

The proposition of same-sex 'marriage' is found guilty on three counts, it is:

  • untrue
  • unjust &
  • unnecessary.

It is untrue to nature, which defines the male-female reality underlying marriage; unjust to children, since the institution of same-sex 'marriage' destines future kids to a motherless or fatherless life; unnecessary for civil equality, since that has already been achieved.

To this the offence of fraud must be added, since what purports to be a very small change to the definition of marriage turns out to be a very clear change - indeed a radical change - to key elements of society; to the education of children, the liberties of speech, conscience and religion, the power balance between family and government, and the very meaning of male and female.#

Jesus replied. â€˜But at the beginning of creation God "made them male and female". For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife.' (Mark 10:6-7)

Only righteous men can pursue righteous acts for these are the fruit of light.

When God's word remains closed, dishonored or diluted the pall of darkness across lives only thickens, and so the state of wickedness grows in strength.

It is in the unfolding of God's words alone that is light seen. (see Psalm 119:130)

Today's Soul Snippet:

He who is proud in his knowledge ... has gout in the wrong end. ~ Thomas Adams

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#Italics are reproduced from 'Stealing from a Child: The Injustice of Marriage Equality' ~ David van Gend (ConnorCourt Publishing, Australia 2016) 235-236