Theological Twilight ~ B

Soul Snack 228/14 ... Shepherds gather sheep. They search for the lost, bind up the wounded and heal the sick.

The church is to be divine pasture for the Lord's sheep; yet this pasture is mowed by wolves of an incorrect right thinking.

The shepherds place the clouds and darkness of accurate doctrine above the safe settlement of the sheep, OR in other words ... The Tree of Knowledge demands that the preservation of its knowledge is superior to the protection of the sheep.

Contemporary Christian leaders are shackled to the Tree of Knowledge; enslaved to its fruit. Hence the flock are at first unattended as a negligent shepherd gathers a never-ending knowledge and not more of the flock. The gathered flock is then dispersed amidst wild beasts when they disagree with his learning. The sheep live in fear and now question - where is home?

The Tree of Knowledge plunders the flock that the Tree of Life has gathered.

At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit of Truth poured the foundations for the Bride of Christ, His church. The spiritual strength of this mind-bending church start-up is now over-looked.

The church seems most powerful at its most primitive. ~ Wayne Jacobsen

Since then the unending search for true knowledge has falsely promised equal power to the Holy Spirit of Truth.

Theology has become the purveyor of truth when it cannot be the power of truth.

When shepherds gather knowledge instead of tending the flock, the sheep are lost. This is never the Lord's intention.

I myself will tend my sheep and make them lie down, declares the Sovereign Lord.  (Ezekiel 34:15)

Church is not for the shepherd but for the sheep. ~ Michael Cartwright

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Jesus died for relationship with you not ritual from you." ~ Michael Cartwright

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