There Is No Easy Space

No easy space exists for those who would bear Christ's cross, surrender their will and audit their life in obedience to Him who was faithful unto death.

Myself rages at me, I no longer whisper to me. The more I endeavor to subdue me, the harder me will resist. 

My wrestle with myself is my fight for faithfulness to Him, not me. It is my war on selfishness.

Indulgence and holiness are never bed partners.

My blind steel-like grip upon indulgence waves clenched fists at my hunger to live righteousness. My body, mind and spirit hanker to wave the white flag high. It's been a too many decades long battle.

These days of my conflict with me have worn me down. But they are simpler when comfort is present, but mighty wicked when it is not. The journey down the highway of holiness passes with far more ease when love is in good supply (sit at Jesus' feet).

My soul always longs for peace, my spirit still yearns for rest. So my body chooses the easier paths through this war that wages within.

As storm-driven  water rushes downhill so too my noble will, and my purer intentions of fidelity when I am worn away.

My weakest points are too my points of greatest vulnerability.

It is not so easy staying with Christ. I cannot count my friends who have dropped away from the Lord, they are manifold.

When a train travels through a dark tunnel, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. ~ anon

Yet my eyes of faith still can lock in delight on this unshakeable axiom I am convinced is trustworthy: 

the destination is worth every difficulty of every journey.

They will see His face and His name will be upon their foreheads. (Revelation 22:4)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Every morning my Lord's rich mercies are deeper than His oceans, wider than His world and higher than His skies.

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