Thinking More!

Soul Snack 247/14 ... Now musing in the calmer times post the Christmas celebrations, I question - do I want from 2015 what I received from 2014, maybe more, maybe less, or certainly different?

What is it I truly hunger for, what are the directions of my thirsts for yet another year under this hot sun, or cold winter?

In approaching yet another twelve months I cannot contain, a future I can exert no power over, a December 28th 2015 far beyond my imaginings, what would I like to be dwelling upon this time next year?

Two items spring to this simple mind:

  1. should the good Lord no longer tarry and return on the divine clouds, I want to have been found with my lamp still burning - or
  2. should the good Lord delay, I want to have lived another year with my sights even more firmly glued to the Crown of Life.

Be faithful even to the point of death, and I will give you the Crown of Life. (Revelation 2:10c)

May 2015 be the year the Lord finally distracts me from distractions.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"It is in emptiness that the spirit finds life and the soul is revived." ~ Michael Cartwright

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