When Christmas Will Stop

Each next Christmas is the guarantee that there will be a last one. All will know when there is no more.

Terrors shall cease, jealousies fade and evil will be cast away.

There will be a last, yes a very final Christmas. This is guaranteed by the first Christmas we soon celebrate, for the Babe of Bethlehem was not born:

  • for a cradle but a cross,
  • for loss but for victory, and
  • to remain in heaven but to deliver heaven to earth.

2018 is being mopped up. Bewilderment and distress settle low across a western world reeling from Parisian violence and riots, British tension and protests, and the ever present American shootings.

Please recall that there continues the surest and most certain promise. It cannot change and simply awaits its appointed time.

The heavens will shake, stars will fall, the sun and moon will be darkened; a world enveloped under the deepest darkness will receive the brightest light. The wars and fears, the strife and the lusts will be no more - for the LORD JESUS HAS RETURNED. 

"... but be sure to stay strong for... if you do not stand firm you will not stand at all."  (Isaiah 7:9b)

Christmas screams stay-in-the faith, for the babe who left as the messiah is soon to return as king, tearing the world apart, that peace can settle in.

The first moment of transformation went unnoticed by the world. But you can bet your sweet September the second one won't. ~ Max Lucado

Today's Soul Snippet:

'When Jesus rules my attitudes He also rules my assets.'  ~ Michael Cartwright

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