10 Candles of Grace

Grace is to be celebrated.

Grace is life's most attractive virtue.

Grace continues as the Divine rescue flooding His planet - all the more as wickedness abounds.

  1. Grace is amazing, not only does it exist but it persists.Michael Cartwright
  2. Jesus has not been restrained with His grace, so could the hardest aspect of grace be seeing it, squaring it in our sights?
  3. God has not ceased to pour out grace without finding fault - neither should we.
  4. The life of grace is the death of sin, and the growth of grace the decay of sin. ~ Thomas Brooks
  5. Grace makes winners out of losers without making them the kind of winners you'd want to avoid.
  6. Grace has long arms.
  7. Grace is no more license to sin than paying your speeding fine is permission to speed again.
  8. Grace is God's engine room powering me past all my weaknesses. ~ Michael Cartwright
  9. Grace that is bought is not.
  10. Grace will always be a banana peel for the orthodox foot & a fairy-tale to grown-up sensibility. ~ Brennan Manning (To regular readers - this is a favorite and quality quote so I delight to repeat it.)

From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another. (John 1:16)

It is through grace that God lights our days, each day.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Time writes no wrinkle upon the brow of the eternal. ~ anon

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ENJOY - God Does Not Bank Grace