10 Impossible Beliefs

The word 'impossible' can harden a man's heart and cause him to flee.

Mankind's thinking is always 'dated' when it comes to grasping eternal things.

My days are moulded by my beliefs, whether things are possible or impossible in my mind.

Beliefs about me, beliefs about my tomorrow, lessons from my yesterdays and what is most beneficial to turn my hands to, are all beliefs that guide the paths I navigate.

My beliefs hinder me, or help me. And so my future is shaped by the facts I hold this day, for good or for ill.

All that mankind believes cannot be summed up as mere opinion. There is the measuring line of truth to be applied. Mankind may disbelieve truth, but he can't remove it.

To deny the truth does not dispel it.

When counting on tomorrow, anticipating that good and peace-filled future, remember it is faith in the Prince of Peace alone who can only deliver the impossible.

Tomorrow depends upon my beliefs today. These truths may just seem impossible, but nevertheless they are truths.

  1. There is only one God. He is triune, Father Son and Holy Spirit
  2. This God is only known through Jesus the Christ.
  3. Jesus died for the forgiveness of sin, rose, ascended into heaven and will return to judge this world.
  4. God is always good. He has been robbed of this truth.
  5. Jesus gives forgiveness and His Holy Spirit. In Him is truth, taught by His Holy Spirit.
  6. God does not like suffering.
  7. Satan is actively deceptive and malevolent across this earth.
  8. God wants to bless our earthly existence.
  9. God is close.
  10. God listens and responds to those who call out to Him in truth.

It is impossible to believe, beyond any human reason that men may rise from the dead. Jesus predicted the impossible, then did it. He felt again the sun's warm rays, gazed again into His disciples devoted eyes, and walked again amongst the crowds - resurrection is indeed possible.

I am going to believe Him for the rest of my days, and then live with Him forever. Will you too?

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The person who is all wrapped up in himself is overdressed.' ~ anon.

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(The full text of these Beliefs is found by clicking this link ... 10 Beliefs)