13 Tips to Flee Religion

From the intercourse of daily religion and its sober observances I fear that the merciful things of faith have become too lost. And, I fear too that the items and terms of a comfortable religious habit have been too gained.

The Christian world that claims to live by faith and verbally agrees with a supernatural resurrection (is there any other sort of resurrection?) has lost sight of its supernatural core beliefs. Deficits in Christian behavior will then result.

Who will live by faith alone?

Religious Christians have hibernated into religious caves. They not only weather the spiritual winter such pseudo-pietism creates, but avoid the heat of any uncertain summer.

Deep in a dark cave, secreted away from the imprecision of a faith driven and illumined life, 'living by faith' has been missed by the religious zealot, the academic Pharisee and the supernatural naysayer.

So how does a Christian flee this old and stale wine of religion? For, this Jesus railed so strongly against. (See Luke 19:45-48, John 2:12-22)


  1. walk on water; step out under the Lord's invitation to a place where there is no visible means of support
  2. sit under, against and eat from the Tree of Life each day
  3. avoid the poisonous fruits of the Tree of Knowledge
  4. grasp that wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord and not a college degree
  5. believe that fund-raising is first done by knee-lowering
  6. wait upon the Lord to give strength, and then move
  7. ask God how they can get behind His activity, instead of seeking Him to get behind theirs
  8. humbly remove the forests from their own eyes
  9. pursue His Kingdom and His righteousness always first
  10. offer mercy, compassion and justice generously
  11. believe influence holds far more value than affluence
  12. believe God owns the cattle on a thousand hills so they don't have to, and
  13. are convinced that knowledge of God is found first in stillness, and not just from study.

Bears, snakes and no doubt a myriad of unnamed creatures hibernate to a soft place before the weather becomes unkind - Christians don't!

Foxes have dens and the birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head (Matthew 8:20)

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"Grace is like manna... it is always sufficient for the day." ~ Wayne Jacobsen

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