18 Original Ways of Love

Love should be the soul-stirring poetry across each and every day. But it is not.

The Loving Way of Life is a book everyone longs to open, and immerse within.

Flip your soul now through eighteen of its briefest pages:

  1. Love can no more be hidden than water can be compressed.
  2. Love is the daily lubricant to the soul as sleep is energy to the body.
  3. Love's unreachable delight is only discovered by its return.
  4. Love cannot be purchased for it does not charge.
  5. True love knows no guarantee of reciprocity.
  6. Love's fabric is not woven on the loom of ME but YOU.
  7. Life is the search for love. Some are in a fun-run, others a marathon.
  8. Lovers love to be alone. ~ Brennan Manning
  9. Love reconfigures the heart from itself towards another's.
  10. Love is the free gift of one's heart to another.
  11. Love can be destroyed but it never seeks destruction.
  12. Love is looking into another's eyes and seeing their heart.
  13. Love sees a completely transparent heart but loves it all the more.
  14. The sum of life is neither found in abundance nor activity, nor is it found in prosperity or performance - it is only found in love.
  15. Love is never approval based, never withdrawn - for then it is not love.
  16. The gift of pure love is as unconditional as its reception.
  17. Sacrifice demonstrates the presence of love.
  18. Love is your happiest 'hello' and your hardest 'good-bye.' ~ anon

We love because Jesus first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Christ would ever have abode alone if He had not died on the cross." ~  J.B. Stoney

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