3 Movements of Prayer ~ B

The Movement of the Heart#

Prayer contains a depth that mere mortality can only be puzzled at. It reaches to God's glory, seeks Divine counsel and elevates the soul to float above the cares of the world to the place of peace.

In prayer the heart escapes to heaven for a divine morsel of time.

The practise of prayer is in fact the gaining of spiritual momentum (no wonder we are kept busy by satan).

Ceaseless interior prayer is a continual yearning of the human spirit towards God. ~ Henri Nouwen. Surely this is the strongest symptom of a healthy heart.

Prayer is the conduit for soul-searching; it is the fodder of a healthy spirit and the divine axe that cuts down the forests of sin.

In our heart we come to see ourselves as sinners embraced by the mercy of God. ~ Henri Nouwen

Prayer is a saw to the logs in a believer's eye, an antidote to the proud poison of self and a divine mirror to the soul.

Prayer is a great detergent. ~ Leonard Ravenhill

Prayer is the bath of the soul. It is the soul's assize where we must unsparingly judge whatever is evil in our lives and shelter in our hearts no rival to God - 'let not one of them escape'. ~ A.W.Pink

Woe-betide he whose prayer life is shallow and his knees not wrinkled; long will his sin live and long will his vine be barren.

The richest garments of the soul are spun on looms of prayer. ~ Leonard Ravenhill

The heart of repentance is a garden for the Lord to sow in, till and water. Such a heart is a vineyard for a large harvest, season after season.

It is from a scoured soul and a sober heart that prayer is engaged. It seeks no vainglory but the extension of His Kingdom in my life and the lives of those I can touch.

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