3 Things to Refuse

The tracks of life require a map, a wise guide.

Such is the Bible. It flows in wisdom, and wisdom flows in it.

Both David and Solomon wrote much of the Old Testament wisdom literature. They taught navigating life's tracks to the righteous.

The wise do not sit in the counsel of the wicked or travel upon such paths. They know to avoid the roads of sinners, or to join with those who mock. The wise are not led astray. They are cautious in choosing friends and sober in their judgements. (Psalm 1:1, Proverbs 12:26)

But the Old Testament always points to Jesus. It finds its completion in Him.

Jesus adds to, and then multiplies, all the wisdom of the Old Testament. In the New Testament He advises further into the paths of faith, how the righteous live.

Jesus teaches:

  1. refuse to trust in your works for Him (Matthew 7:22-23)
  2. refuse to let the light of your faith die within (Matthew 25:12), and
  3. refuse to keep the money He has blessed you with in your pocket (Matthew 25:26).

At your appointed time for meeting Jesus you realize that every step of faith, every shred of suffering, every early morning and every despair of the body and soul, is vindicated.

It is only then your heart can grasp the value of His maps. Then you will know that the destination was worth every step of difficulty; every furnace you were thrown into and every arrow that pierced you upon this journey called life. Tears may well in your eyes, maybe flood your cheeks as you fall flat on your face. Then you will see His nail pierced feet and hear His soft words long longed for:

well done good and faithful servant.

There are no more important six words to hear in all eternity.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The proud hate pride - in others'. ~ Benjamin Franklin

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