4 Soft Pillows for a Sad Soul

It is said that a sad soul is always up past midnight. Too many a soul is painted in grey by a brush held over them or by them.

Yet Jesus stores no grey paint on His garage shelves.

Jesus is never as hard on me as others have chosen to be. 

Jesus is never as hard on me as I am on me. 

Jesus is not a burden giver but burden lifter.

Persistent rotten words spoken over each of us can crush, even suspend us from life.

Below are four true graces, four bright brush strokes Jesus splashes over the rejected, the despised or the weighed down - but the world will not:

1.    You are the apple of My eye ~ Psalm 17:8/ Zechariah 2:8
2.    I crave your presence for you are that important to me ~ Psalm 46:10, Zechariah 2:13
3.    I take great delight in you, even singing over you ~ Zephaniah 3:17
4.    I do not condemn you but love you ~ John 3:17, Romans 8:1

Favored above all others are the poor in spirit, for the Kingdom of Heaven celebrates them.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Celebration is good for the soul.

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