4 Steps in Reaching for a Miracle

Impossibly dead Lazarus lay in a cave and Jesus ached...

Impossibly bleeding for twelve years a crushed woman dared to reach through a crowd to Jesus...

Impossibly the eyes of a man born blind were patched under a spit and dirt laden poultice, then Jesus told him to go for a swim...

Impossibly Hannah pleaded from a heart-torn lament with the Lord to remove her barrenness (for 19 years a tradition suggests)...

Faith is tested in despair's crucible - when mankind is at his extremity.

There is no human extremity beyond a man's faith nor Jesus' ability to reach it. 

Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.’ (Luke 18:27)

Men still rise from the dead, bleeding still ceases, eyes are still opened and the childless still bear children, because:

miracles have never been consigned to history as God does not change.

Impossible hopelessness remains the rich soil for true miracles still to appear.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Where there is love, faithfulness is its companion.

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