5 Tips to Service the Soul

Decay is both the world's enemy and its fabric. Fundamental to life is maintenance lest downfall arrive. Life's upkeep is attended to for peace, or neglected at peril.

Faith can totter with the same quiet ease as rust claims a car.

Five brief thoughts on guarding a man's soul that he may enjoy the fine dining of heaven:

  • Begin each day as you want to live it and then end it - with the Lord.
  • Trust the Lord at all times and in all ways regardless of cost, for He is no man's debtor.
  • Position self to receive from the Lord. Place self so as to be available to Him. This is deliberate. It is the daily servicing of the soul. Life will be measured through the positioning of self. If you don’t position self carefully others will do it for you. (Luke 10:38-42)
  • Beware the fading heart and the dulling lights of devotion. Be aware should the treasured times with the Lord become consigned to a delightful diversion in the photo album of the mind.
  • Refuse to trade upon yesterday’s sweet manna for it is now stale; gather fresh manna each morning.

Attend first to the soul, for when the breath (spirit) is returned its Giver and the body is buried, the soul will live on forever.

Above all else service the soul for this is your eternal life.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The man who has God for his treasure has all things in one.' ~ A.W.Tozer

ENJOY - The Drift of Hearts & Do Not Delay

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