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Confronting each aware soul is the perennial march of evil. 

Evil's biggest deceit, it's largest victory is in consent to its 'unseen' ways.

Satan dilutes evil to the extent it looks good. But, those who are in darkness cannot see light; they listen to things taught by demons.

An irrepressible satan still tips his lance towards mankind, and still lies through his facelessness. 

Halloween celebrations simply sum up the above.

The naive fall for it, the innocent are polluted by it, and satan is worshiped because it is his celebration - the celebration of death and darkness.

Do not be deceived:  

  1. Halloween is when evil wears a party mask.
  2. Evil's rule is always short.
  3. Christian's do not have to accept the momentum of the world.
  4. Halloween will not be celebrated in heaven.
  5. Halloween is an elevation of the night to darken the days.
  6. There can be no safe dances with evil, although evil would deceive us to believe otherwise.

The blind customs of men continue to resist the loving grace of Heaven. ~ Michael Cartwright

 P.S. ~ “Rumpole, you must move with the times.”

“If I don’t like the way the times are moving, I shall refuse to accompany them.”

Today's Soul Snippet:

'A sharp tongue is no evidence of a keen mind.' ~ anon

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