8 Good Wishes but 1 Potent Gift

Nobility is surely mankind's heart at its purest, its most God-like.

Problematic to much well-meaning desire is a feeble humankind wishing for what they cannot achieve. 

In classical tradition the ancients had four good wishes for their world:

  • Justice,
  • Prudence,
  • Temperance and
  • Fortitude.

In far more modern tradition Teddy Roosevelt on January 6th 1941 deliberately explained his four equally fine wishes for the world.

Roosevelt summed up his wishes as:

  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Freedom for all to worship God individually
  • Freedom of all from want
  • Freedom of all from fear.

These eight wishes above still do not wash this earth clean. Our frail and failing race of men lies impotent despite the most noble intentions of adding an everlasting good to the human race.

Christmas shows God still stands where no other leader has ever gone nor can ever go because:

Christmas is omnipotence wrapped in the bonds of my own fragile humanity. ~ Brennan Manning

Mankind remains delicate, faltering and weak - yet a baby Jesus without reserve offers the true world-changing powers of Heaven to all who rightly know they need Him.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"That which is to give light must first endure burning." ~ anon.

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