9 Shelters of Wisdom

When I pause my body I also still my soul. It is then my soul reaches a safe shelter, and I can set my mind to dwell above.

In stillness I have listened and learned:

  1. There is no peace outside the Lord's tent.
  2. Striving is a thief to contentment while ambition is the enemy of peace.
  3. Greed is the god of dissatisfaction, idolatry robbery to the mind.
  4. Find contentment in what you have, for this is great blessing to the soul and harmony to spirit.
  5. Do not bring the stress of tomorrow in today, for does not the good Lord still walk with you tomorrow as He has today?
  6. When tomorrow's worries claim today I lose two days. 
  7. Remember the Lord in the days of discontentment that the day of harmony may come. 
  8. Call to your Lord in the day of trouble, for then you will remain with Him in the day of peace.
  9. Today has enough troubles of its own, why invite yesterday's and tomorrow's in as well?

Today's Soul Snippet:

Love can no more be contained than water can be compressed.

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